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The Success Story of a Leading Commercial Real Estate Company by Our Tailor-Made Solutions

Until a few years ago, the success story of a real estate company had only a few droplets. Many real-estate brand names are visible online, so they must compete more challengingly than expected. If there is a problem, there will be a solution. Many fishes were in the sea, so we needed to create something unique and precisely made. To cut to the chase, we all need a tailor-made digital marketing service to achieve that phase. A leading commercial real estate company came to us for lead generation services. Lead is not enough, and brand image needs to get stuck in the buyers’ minds. So, we came up with a design where everything is possible.

Stats that Matter

Ad Video plays
Avg. Position
k +
Leads Generated

What We Focused?

    • To make the brand the no.1 residential company for pan India.
    • To understand the brand’s concern
    • Promoting the brand/company among same age groups – may attract the buyer quickly.
    • To stay top among all other competitors with our Facebook AD strategy
    • To drop down the CPL cost from 1400 to half the amount.

Possible Strategies we came up with:

    • We shifted all our focus to bring the brand/company to the top category
    • Numerous Facebook Ads have been tested and run to ensure they worked well.
    • Various creative designs have been changed according to the project type, city, and state.
    • Targeted our audience with diverse routes
  • Custom – strategies in SEO and Google Ads.

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