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The jewellery industry has always been considered a traditional business deeply rooted in local communities. However, with the rise of digital marketing, even businesses in tier 3 cities have the opportunity to reach a global audience. In this case study, we will explore how OneDot Media helped a Tamil Nadu-based jewellery brand located in a tier 3 city achieve remarkable growth in brand reach, audience size, and engagement rates.

Client Background:

Our client, a jewellery brand in Tamil Nadu, has been serving the local community for decades. They were renowned for their craftsmanship and unique designs but faced challenges expanding their reach in and around their city.


Limited Brand Reach – The jewellery brand didn’t have a strong online presence, so most people who knew about it were only from the local area.

Small Audience – Few people followed the brand on social media and those who only interacted with it a little.

Low Engagement Rates – The things the brand did to promote itself online only interested a few people, which stopped it from growing.



OneDot Media made a detailed plan for promoting the brand online. They mainly concentrated on being active on social media, like posting pictures and messages regularly. The idea was to keep the brand lively and exciting online so more people would notice and like it.

Brand Reach:

To expand the brand’s reach, OneDot Media implemented the following strategies:

Local Social Media Advertising – We ran special ads on social media to show more people in the nearby area the brand’s special jewellery designs and skills.



Within six months, the jewellery brand achieved a remarkable 150% increase in brand reach. Their online presence extended well beyond their city, attracting customers from neighbouring regions.

Audience Growth:

OneDot Media tackled the challenge of audience growth with the following strategies:

Content Diversification – We made different kinds of posts about jewellery, like tips on taking care of it and showing how they make it, to interest more people.

Collaborations and Influencer Marketing – Working with well-known local influencers helped the brand get more followers from different groups.

Engagement-Driven Campaigns – Contests and interactive campaigns encouraged existing followers to share content and bring in new followers.



Audience growth skyrocketed, with a 400% increase in the brand’s social media followers. The brand now had a substantial and engaged online community.

Engagement Rate:

To boost engagement, OneDot Media employed the following strategies:

Community Engagement – The team interacted with the people who followed them, quickly replying to their comments and messages. This made the followers feel like they were part of a friendly group connected to the brand.

Visual Storytelling– High-quality visuals showcasing the brand’s jewellery in real-life situations were incorporated into the content strategy.

Interactive Content – Polls, quizzes, and interactive stories were used to encourage user participation and feedback.



The engagement rate surged by an impressive 175%, with followers actively participating in discussions, sharing content, and becoming loyal brand advocates.


Using smart and complete planning, OneDot Media helped change an old-style jewellery brand in a smaller city in Tamil Nadu into a big hit online. The brand achieved a 150% increase in brand reach, a 400% growth in audience size, and a remarkable 175% boost in engagement rates.

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