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In the competitive world of international trade, the need for a strong online presence and effective digital marketing strategies cannot be overstated. Our client, a well-established merchant exporter based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, approached OneDot Media in search of solutions to boost their brand visibility, generate more leads, increase sales, expand into new markets, and achieve an impressive return on investment (ROI). This case study explores how OneDot Media successfully addressed these challenges and delivered outstanding results.

Client Background:

Our client, a leading merchant exporter, has been operating since 2001. While they had a solid foundation, they faced challenges in scaling their business and expanding into new markets. They sought the expertise of OneDot Media to help them achieve their growth objectives.


  • Limited brand visibility in the international market.
  • Insufficient lead generation efforts.
  • Stagnant sales growth.
  • Limited international market reach.
  • Suboptimal ROI from their digital marketing efforts.

Strategy and Activities:

OneDot Media devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address these challenges. The key activities included:

SEO Optimisation – The first step was to enhance the client’s website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve organic visibility. This involved optimizing on-page content meta tags and building high-quality backlinks.

Website Revamp – OneDot Media revamped the client’s website to make it more user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and visually appealing. The goal was to create a compelling online presence that would resonate with the target audience.

Social Media Management – A social media management strategy was implemented to increase brand engagement and awareness. Regular, engaging content was shared across platforms to foster a loyal community.

Paid Social Advertising – Targeted paid social advertising campaigns were executed to reach a wider audience and generate leads. This included creating compelling ad creatives and optimising ad spend.

Sales Funnel Setup – OneDot Media established a well-defined sales funnel to guide potential customers from awareness to conversion. This involved creating landing pages, email marketing automation, and lead nurturing campaigns.

Customer Retention Strategies – To ensure long-term success, customer retention strategies were put in place. These included post-purchase follow-ups, loyalty programs, and personalised content recommendations.



OneDot Media’s efforts yielded remarkable results for our client:

Brand Visibility – Brand visibility increased by an impressive 250% as a result of SEO optimization, website revamp, and social media management.

Lead Generation – The client experienced a substantial 315% increase in lead generation, attributed to the effective paid social advertising campaigns and sales funnel setup.

Sales Growth – Sales grew by a significant 50%, reflecting the success of the comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Market Expansion – The client successfully expanded into 14 new countries, demonstrating the effectiveness of the international market reach strategy.

ROI – The return on investment (ROI) achieved an outstanding 8X, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of the digital marketing efforts.


OneDot Media’s collaboration with our client, a leading merchant exporter in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, resulted in a remarkable transformation of their digital presence and overall business performance. Through a combination of SEO optimization, website revamp, social media management, paid social advertising, sales funnel setup, and customer retention strategies, the client achieved substantial gains in brand visibility, lead generation, sales growth, international market expansion, and ROI. 

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