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Executive Summary:

The collaboration between Onedot and the Ed-tech company was quite successful. Our below case study described how our strategies helped the leading Ed-tech company’s CPL cost to be reduced by 20% and increased the conversion rate to 30%.

About The Client:

Onedot’s client is one of the leading Ed-tech companies conducting premium software development courses like AWS, Selenium, DevOps and more. They provided complete exposure to automation courses with practical learning techniques.

In addition, experts from the industry took over to produce career-seeking classes for individuals and incorporated career guidance. However, even as a leading ed-tech company, they faced thrilling challenges that needed to be sorted out.


Problem Statement:

The company faced two major issues which needed to be resolved – 1) More junk leads and 2) CPL and CAC costs were higher than usual. If they try to target better leads for ads, automatically, the CPL rate gets into an extreme phase.

At first, we thoroughly checked how the previous ads were performing. Then, with keen observation, we found out the amount of CPL was 600-700, so to attain their target lead numbers, this problem needs to be fixed and work to be done.


Questions We Came up with while interviewing our client:

1) What are the course benefits?
2) How does your curriculum work?
3) Who’ll get benefitted from the course?
4) Whom are they trying to tap for enrolling in their course?

The above-interviewed questions helped us target the right audience and focus on the techniques that will be beneficial to produce error-free performance.

Our Findings:

While analyzing the problem they’ve faced shows that their CPL and CAC cost was higher. The Ed-tech company wanted to tap on manual testers mainly rather than others, so we examined thoroughly and focused on tapping on prospect leads. These prospects helped us to report to the right audiences. All the results helped us to reach the goals we wanted to focus on.


Strategies We Implied:

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    Tried implementing three to four creative concepts for ads to bring out the best results.

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    Implemented parallel video concepts for branding ads.

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    Targeted 1 Lakh lookalike audience for the relevancy, which looks like the previous great leads.

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    Multiple split ad methods have been tried and achieved our targeted results.

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    The Meme concept has been one of the hotspots to attract resourceful leads as a different approach.


The Big Reveal:

Finally, the ed-tech client of Onedot faced the typical yet complex challenge of reducing the CPL cost got under control with the below points, which showcase our final results,

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    Tapped the right set of audience by identifying the goals

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    Overall leads – 5k

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    Conversion rate reached its peak

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    Conversion rate reached its peak

We adequately understood their problem and provided the results they longed for. We also focused on improving the brand image and making them the perfect choice for the audiences. Our extended strategies worked out so well, published PR and Youtube videos in various dimensions, which gained value for our client.


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