8 Best Ads Networks

8 Best Ads Networks

Marketers in this age are willing to look for possible solutions to build the estimated value for the business to bring the needed results.


PPC is one of the most valued base sets of ad platforms which maintains the core value of the business that contains the values based on the proper network. Also, it helps focus the networks that work according to the business type.


PPC ad networks have built up the brand value with the help of its strategic move towards finding the right set, relevant or tapping on the customers who are willing to buy, just scrolling through or wanting to buy some other day category. Read more about the 7 Powerful Benefits of using PPC Advertising here.


Let’s discuss the several forms of PPC ad networks that help showcase brand value.


Google Ads


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The very most popular ad network that is available to reach billion of audiences in the search volume is none other than Google Ads.


We all search or scroll through Google’s search engine every day, and each surpassing time we tend to notice billions of Google ads displayed on top of them.


Google display ads appear on around two million websites and in 650,000 apps, so the possibility of showcasing your ad can appear anywhere in the area. The point is that targeting the display network includes remarketing, similar audiences, and more.


For both search and display ad campaigns, there is an option available to choose the appropriate targeting gender, age, income, and many other options are available for to choose. This option helps in narrowing down the exact reach audience for ads to target more relevantly.


Microsoft Ads


 The second most popular set of ad networks is Microsoft Search Network which sees around 10+ billion PC searches monthly.


 Like Google ads, Microsoft has also held tools that help advertisers import the campaigns from the Google ADs and simplify them. The advantage of using Microsoft ads is that it exclusively serves Yahoo search traffic.


 Facebook Ads


As the world’s top social network, billions and billions of people use Facebook monthly. So to target the relevant set of audience groups, Facebook will be the wisest option to choose.


 User targeting with the details like demographics, interests, behaviours, and more can be very comfortable to select. In addition, it also supports retargeting through user activity on Facebook with their actions through advertisers’ pixel data.


Instagram Ads


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Instagram has become a trendsetter and reaches billions of audiences daily; it has billions of active users and spends a handful of time on it. So to cut to the chase, targeting your audience in Instagram ads would be a great choice because of its usage and features.


 But we all know it is a Facebook company, so the campaign creation and management are handled through the Facebook Ads platform. While Facebook recommends targeting all placements in one campaign, this option would be easily arranged for the advertiser.


 YouTube Ads


If you are a person who spends most of your time on YouTube, you probably would’ve skipped so many ads in the beginning, middle and end of the video. 


 You may have even uncovered a new brand; their video ad drove you to click on their link and learn more about their product or service. 


 Creating video ads can seem intimidating, and the ROI overpower the cost of YouTube advertising. But the answer is that YouTube advertising is inexpensive for small businesses.


 Campaign creation and management handle through the Google Ads platform with information about the audience’s details and engagement through YouTube Analytics.


LinkedIn Ads


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LinkedIn is a wealth of information and audiences for advertisers to target for professionals; more than 200 million professionals are active on LinkedIn. They can all be narrowed down by professional criteria, like job title, company, location etc.


Running ads on LinkedIn is also highly effective; you can use objective-based ads. In addition, LinkedIn offers estimated audience sizes along with recommendations for various types of ads you run.


Twitter Ads


Twitter offers various possibilities to reach users through the platform of 330 million active users monthly.


Let us tell you why the Twitter ad platform is the best option!


Promoted tweets have been one of the most convenient and flexible ad campaigns, including any text and media covering their overall policy.


They will never be combined with other network partners; the ad campaigns and policies depend entirely on them.


Pinterest Ads


Unlike other platforms, Pinterest Ads is quite different from each other.


More than 100 million active users of Pinterest look out for the latest trends, markets, ideas, products and more. Then, they look out for the products to purchase or try out.


By placing ads on Pinterest, it reaches many seeking audiences for the product they might be looking out for.


Closure Thoughts


As we’ve seen, there is a lot of choice of ad networks for advertisers, and choosing the best one isn’t easy so far. But Google Ads has always been the most used and offering search engine for ads, and the display network with the essential choice.


Each type of ad network has its own pros and cons to consider; it entirely depends on your niche and how your business would like to target the audience set.


However, suppose you’re looking for a platform to target a specific demographic or a PPC ad channel with less competition. In that case, the above list will be an eye-opener for developing some ideas.


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