8 Essential Real Estate Organic Lead Generation Statistics For 2023

8 Essential Real Estate Organic Lead Generation Statistics For 2023

Lead Generation


Real estate developers, agents, and consultants need to find creative ways for real estate lead generation in the ever-changing real estate market. There have been higher hopes for this sector, where sales jumped by 50%, and the new supply rapidly increased in the leading cities of India.


A recent report says that India’s home sales peaked at 2,00,000+ units last year. This year, it is expected to grow further with the current market’s demand and supply levels. 


Realtors must be proactive in looking for new ways to generate real estate leads and efficiently boost their sales with an upscale in the markets.


Recent statistics for lead generation show that digital marketing methods are increasing effectively in reaching clients with a positive return on investment (ROI).


Here are the most critical real estate lead generation statistics you need to know to improve and enhance your tactics in the ever-changing marketing landscape.


Do You Know: There is an increase of 20% in sales from nurtured leads.


Due to a lack of analytics, 25% of marketers still need to figure out how to calculate lead generation. Although content marketing is very cost-effective compared to outbound marketing campaigns (50%), they are the best source of generating leads in a better version.   


According to the statistics by 53% of marketers, email marketing has been one of the most effective channels for early-stage lead generation.


Facts: Around 2025, the demand for real estate in India is expected to increase to around 15-18 million square feet.


Email Marketing & Lead Generation


Email is one of the most converting collections of lead generation, which helps bring 78% of converting leads. Also, 79% of B2B marketers prefer email marketing as the best source for getting potential leads for real estate services.


In the upcoming year, the budget for email marketing will reach higher up to 37% by brands. Because of its market demand and feasible way of approaching clients, it became the best source of attracting leads.


Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation


Lead Generation


Instagram is getting more popular (i.e., 54%) daily with its excellent features in engaging with a wide range of global audiences. Therefore, it will be highly beneficial if your business spreads awareness about your real estate service on Social media like Instagram.


The biggest challenge of social media is creating engaging content; 66% of marketers seek their leads from social media by posting audience-seeking content.


Facts: The Indian real estate sector is the highest employment sector in the country. 


Increase Lead Generation With Smart CRM


Imagine what if you’re using the free CRM or Excel to track all your activities?


Well, couldn’t imagine it. Although working with the free tools is much harder to progress, to increase lead generation, it is mandatory to have in contact with smart CRM. They are the perfect way to improve your quality of experience to get solid real estate leads for your business.


Luckily we are in the year 2023, where everything is possible. Being in a real estate business, all it depends on is its leads, leads, and leads. To seek that organically, try to ensure the backgrounds are excellent.


Developing an Effective Video Marketing Strategy


Many studies have proven the worth of video marketing to seek the audiences’ trust. Also, did you know that 73% of owners want to create a video of their house before listing it with a real estate agency?


But in the meantime, real estate agents are listing it down on Youtube only as 4%.


Attracting audiences 3x times higher can be achievable through the help of videos; it gains trust from the visitors and throws them to buy.


Fact: Since the last decade, the Indian real estate sector has grown at a CAGR of around 11%.


High-Quality Content And Local SEO


What’s the magic of freshly brewed high-quality content?


They are the magic source that helps to bring the target audience with reaching keywords. But anyhow, these will only work that quickly with help from local SEO. To increase the search visibility, constant improvements and updates must be done to upgrade the search visibility.


Do you know 70% of marketers prefer SEO other than PPC for generating sales? Contents always succeed in attracting traffic and increasing search results; visibility begins with understanding the purpose behind search questioning.


The only way to start this is by exploring the most-asked question or hot topics; it can be done online or by enquiring from existing clients.


Facts: 50% of buyers find their new home online


Highest Conversion In Organic Search


Lead Generation


The marketing channels analysed, including referrals, phone, and emails, determined that real estate organic search had the highest conversion rate, up to 3.2%. In addition, 50% of millennial investors choose to invest in real estate.


Closure Thoughts


There are many ways to get the results we’ve hoped for. Real estate is a vast industry that needs a solid inspection to get potential leads, especially from organic searches.


Generating real estate leads is essential for any thriving agency, and partnering with a reputable real estate digital marketing agency like Onedot Media can make a significant difference in securing potential leads.

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