8 Steps For Getting Organic LinkedIn Leads For Your Business

8 Steps For Getting Organic LinkedIn Leads For Your Business

Various social media platforms are available and have active users. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and many other social media handles are used for entertainment purposes. Do you know the meaning of Linkedin and what can be done with it? If your dominant goal is to connect with right-minded decision makers, meet new-set of professionals, and be a part of their professional minds. Then LinkedIn will be the wise choice for organic business leads.
Engagement on Linkedin is skyrocketing every day; worthy LinkedIn connections will bring many professional benefits for you/your business.
Do you think LinkedIn is a boring resume website? But no, it is more than that!
Let us know how LinkedIn will help to seek organic business leads!
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Know Who’s Your Ideal Client
What’s your primary objective as a business head on LinkedIn? Do you know who to target and what to target? Attracting clients or sales will be the optimum business goal for any business. They are always in search of bringing new sales to their business.
Consumers will buy products from whom they solemnly trust. To get that attraction, the connection is essentially needed right away. So before you make any sales encounter, try to connect with the right audience for the business.
Before making any sales proposal, you must connect, enlighten, educate and uplift your ideal clients with your content. It is possible to make a handful of partnerships and make high sales numbers only if you prove yourself or your business as a trusted company among them.
For instance, as a digital marketing company, we deliver services that will never fail to update and attract clients. The more conversation we create on the platform, the ample amount of responses we get from clients. And that is where it all gets started.
Revamp And Optimize Your Profile
Organizing and segregating will always be an exciting task, precisely optimizing and revamping your profile to attract the right set of clients or audiences for your business and having any idea of why your LinkedIn title has to be crisp and attractive? Because it has the power to draw the attention of your potential clients.
Your profile has to offer these answers to the below questions:

  • Who do we help?
  • Why are we the better option among others?
  • What makes our brand/business unique?
  • What do others say about us?
  • How do we help/work?
  • At last, Call-to-action

Remember: Your LinkedIn title will always follow you wherever you go.


Did you read the above concept? Because that will follow us till the end just like a puppy follows its mother. We saw how the LinkedIn title optimizes the profile and how it attracts the audiences. Profile set, title set, then what’s next? Your daily engagement activity!

The more purposeful and relevant content you update on your profile, the more it reaches. But do remember that not just a random forward text or message will do the needful, it should serve a purpose on your profile.
Attaching the right keywords (minimum of 2 to 3) in your content will do wonders. Then, start the search for content under the great impression, providing a significant discount for the content. Serve what they want, and get the bill with the extra tips (who doesn’t hate the idea of the tip)?
If you catch an eye candy content on the feed, do not forget to comment about the concept. That’s where the interaction gets started. So start the conversation there and make them come to you for your service.
Add Potential Contacts To Your Network
Let us clarify one thing: adding multiple sets of random connections will never make any difference. You may think LinkedIn is just like Facebook or Instagram, the more followers you have, the more likes and DMs you will get. However, LinkedIn won’t work like that, and this is a professional platform where you meet many sector professionals who might be seeking employees or clients.
Try to connect with your industry-related audience to receive a handful of business ( at the end of the day, we all expect numbers, right!). Think before whom you connect; it should serve some purpose for you/your business.
It would be best if you never stopped until reaching your destination.
For example,
As a digital marketing company, we always hunt for small and medium enterprises for our business. They might require a digital marketing service, and we need a sales number. Adding other digital marketing company CEOs will benefit from knowing what they are doing in their agency/company.
Provide Purposeful Content For The Network
Let me conclude the article with the most promising topic at the end.
Having a LinkedIn account is not enough. Updating purposeful content for your network will bring many surprising goodies ( I swear). Creating a great impression among your connections is most significant, your account will be the talk of the town. If you get famous, automatically your business will be too.
While writing an article and publishing it in your account, you must consider this:

  1. Quality keyword, powerful headline, and impressive photo.
  2. Provide content that adds more value to the network
  3. Create emotional stories and make them ask questions
From now onwards, while scrolling your LinkedIn profile, think about what content stop you for more than 5 seconds. If that makes you stop, then there is something in it. So work on it, and provide something out of it.
Join In Leading LinkedIn Groups
Just like any other social platform, LinkedIn also has its rate of standards and features among any other. This platform will have a handful of social groups to share and engage with creators, CEOs, Freshers, and more. Join that social group to have a new set of perspectives; there are possible chances to receive sales or potential employees. Anything can be possible!
Remember to post content and updates for the discussion about the relevant topics or services as a company you offer. You will become the source of valuable among others for sharing and discussing the content that needs attention. Also, create a group and invite members to join and bring helpful thoughts and feedback to discuss related to the industry.
If the group members are active, it is easy to learn and grow with the content as it provide the best output. Then, use this knowledge to your advantage and address the points among your clients. Sounds like a plan right!

Connect With Your Current Customers/Clients

LinkedIn’s primary perspective is networking, seek advantage, and use this element for lead generation. Connect with existing customers/clients on LinkedIn to learn relevantly to know the industry’s current updates or market. Ask for referrals or references from your existing clients if you have a strong relationship with them. Learn how to communicate with a connection they have that matches your customer profile.
Leads can receive your request to connect, scan your profile, and see your connection as proof of confidence. LinkedIn is a professional space, so requests must be less invasive, spam alert, and sales focus or cold call someone after discovering their number online.
You use social outreach when you connect with new leads. This shows that you already know a bit about the connection and can instantly make propositions that communicate with their interests and provide value.

Identify Your Top Performing Content

Let’s do some digging! You might not know what content worked best and which helped you attract the most clients. Searching for your old data on LinkedIn is a must task to identify your performance for the lead generation concept.
The LinkedIn platform is unique in that you can approach leads directly and publish content that pushes people now to your promotions. But that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed leads by being on the platform. It is mandatory to note which worked and which is not.
For example,
Your old post would’ve attracted clients with many possibilities like sharing and other engagement activity on LinkedIn. So you must showcase what suits you best and include all those old contents with a modern twist.

Closure Thoughts

Amazed by the facts and matters which LinkedIn provides! Following those above steps will surprise you soon enough; work on that concept and let the brand rise above. Your ideal goal on LinkedIn is to provide meaningful ideas and content and attract essential relationships with clients.
Addressing their pain points, objectives, and needs will gain you as a trustable adviser in their calling and always remain top in their mind. Your job on LinkedIn is to provide and engage with the ideal clients to create a path for a purposeful interaction; that conversation may turn into a big sale.
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