How to Improve Your Organic Search Engine Optimization Efforts

How to Improve Your Organic Search Engine Optimization Efforts

The challenge for any business type is to ensure that when people look out for or need a product or service like your business, they discover you rather than the competitor.


Did you know nearly 35000+ search queries are typed into Google every second? These add up to 2.5+ billion searches daily, then imagine the annual search rate. 


You have some intense competition if your business’s traffic is generated online via Google search. However, there are the top 3 ways to increase organic search ranking, with SEO being the most feasible and cost-effective method to understand and reach customers in critical matters.


Numerous brands and businesses know the worth of SEO and implement it for their benefit; they will gain results from the SEO executed on their behalf.


If you know how to increase your search engine optimization visibility, you have already scored the secret for your business. 


Let us show you the importance of organic search with some key points!

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Structure Your URL


Be aware of the importance of URL; the structure of your URL is necessary; try to keep it between 50-60 characters.


Even though Google and Bing process longer URLs without any issues, it still considers that shorter URLs perform better in natural searches.


A URL should contain less than 100 characters, and some have 50 – 60 characters, which are advised to be even better.


Consistency In Creating Quality Content


Content is a valuable source which brings thousands of audiences’ attention. Indicative and relevant content is a good bait in keeping a person on your website, known as dwell time. 


On a severe note, it is essential to note down the dwell time, which shows the number of visitors who spend time on the website; it adequately impacts your organic ranking by optimize organic keywords


In the meantime, fresh and high-quality content is an extra token that draws visitors and attracts them to return to your website again. This leads to more traffic that keeps visitors returning to your website.


Prefer Originality 


SEO’s basic foundation represents originality, the content which shows other pages’ text or duplication harms your organic ranking rate. Posting high-quality content is advisable, but that doesn’t mean forgetting the term originality.


Never republish any articles from other websites; it harms your site. Many tools are available to check the plagiarism in the content; check twice or thrice from the tool to ensure the content remains original. In addition, it captures the duplication that gets placed in the content. 


Publishing original content can also gain visitors’ trust; it is essential for proper SEO.


Decrease The Page Loading Time


Two possible reasons for damage to the site quickly. 


Page loading time entirely affects the ranking and other benefits of the website. However, it also maintains the custom standards that help in preventing the opportunities, which gives the time to get out of the zone known for its performance and growth. 


Majorly, the loading time takes away the audience from your site, and it impresses them without the performance rate. 


The process of loading time depends on the condition that states the information gained by the audience. 


Define Your Keyword List


There are top 3 ways to increase organic search ranking by refining and determining a keyword list to establish your website’s content if you understand where your pages rank for specific key terms. Then, you can choose the most relevant keywords for your website to get traffic related to increasing your page ranking.


For example, to see a massive improvement in organic search rankings, try targeting the right keyword for each page in the website which you’re trying to market. The message you’re trying to convey is to meet the customer on the buying journey. 


To specify the most successful list, you must use a mix of broad, exact and long-tail targeted keywords to identify what you’re selling and how your users search.


Level Up Your Meta Description

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While your meta description is not about a direct ranking factor regarding search crawling, it does create an impact. If written correctly, a short snippet of a sales copy enables people to click through to a webpage. Therefore, it helps to boost its authority and helps your page to rank better for specific keywords. 


Also, if you implement those targeted keywords in the description, Google will focus on them when your page appears, making it more eye-catching for searchers.


Even though your meta description does not play a direct ranking factor, it still plays a significant role in search crawling.


Note: Each meta description has to maintain its uniqueness, contain keywords and be no longer than 160 characters.


Seven key points to improve your ranking for organic keywords:


✅ Create an engaging and original content

✅ Don’t stuff the keyword

✅ Optimize your page titles and meta title

✅ Increase the rate of internal and external links on the website

✅ Add alt tags for image links

✅ Your URL is crucial

✅ Optimize and update the content when it is needed


Closure Thoughts


Did you gather the information on how to grow your organic SEO?


It is essential to constantly get updated and implement all those strategies for the welfare of the business. Note down the vital points to start ranking your page or site in Google to get a chunk of leads.


As a digital marketing company in Chennai, Onedot is entirely focused on giving what the client expects. So contact us now to get a tailored solution for your business in SEO.



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