How Does A Digital Marketing Company In Chennai Celebrate Its First Event In 2022 ?

How Does A Digital Marketing Company In Chennai Celebrate Its First Event In 2022 ?

How does a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai celebrate its first event?
OD FEST’22 in Onedot Media Pvt Ltd.

It’s always fun to witness the idea of encouraging someone to push toward the edges to get the work done.


Onedot as a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai, proudly inaugurated OD’Fest’22 for the workers to divert their perspectives and mindset from everyday work through fun-filled activities.


Couldn’t realize how the event reached its success without any chaos and conflicts. Even organizing a small event might be a huge task, but we executed the plan as a secret code to surprise the employees. This event showcased that “No one is smaller & No one is bigger”.


Equality matters the most here!


Behind The Scenes


Corporate Events at Onedot Media
Corporate Events at Onedot Media


It all started with the usual discussion about how the leadership has to increase its head turn in the organization’s premises. Then, one went to another, and the discussion settled with the GAME PLAN!


It took two days to develop a separate official website for the event and execution. Complete research has been done for all the games and puzzles; it took a sincere one week of hard work for all the good things to happen in the fest.


It may sound impossible to execute such a big event with all the games, puzzles, website development, team coordination, deciding what gifts, announcing the right winners, and everything.


But it happened perfectly!


Parthiban, Creative head of onedot, stated,” A proper game plan has been made behind the scenes to execute the live action of this event. So many games and programs ran through my mind in the middle of the night, came up with the proper plan for things to go well smoothly. I was focusing only on the event (because it was the first event happening in all these years), completed the event successfully without any chaos. And it went well as I imagined!”


Event And Award:

Corporate Awards at Onedot Media
Corporate Awards at Onedot Media

The event has been done separately for teams Digital marketing, Creative designers, Content writers, and Web developers. For each surpassing level, a cute and thoughtful badge has been provided as a token of the winner for that level. In the end, whoever collects the most badges announced as the winner of each team.


AdMan – (Digital Marketing)

Name Behind The Award – The head of all Ads and marketing.


Creative Cap – (Creative Designers)

Name Behind The Award – Cap is the top position; just like it, creative designers will always be in the ultimate assignment.


Cipher Expert (Developers)

Name Behind The Award – Developers are the coding experts, cipher = coding!


Manu-scripter (Content Writers)

Name Behind The Award – Manuscript is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of writing, so the creativity got poured in!


Games have been searched and researched online related to each field.



(Web Developers)Flexy Frogy


(Content Writers)Punch the action 


(Creative Designers)Pixel box


The above three are the few samples of games conducted at the event.


We precisely sculpted the event with all innovation and passion for achieving the goal of employee satisfaction.


Did you see how creativity gets into the game? Yes, it is unimaginable.


Putting The Plan Into Action


Whether organizing a small meeting or orchestrating a large conference, event planning is a huge task! Every event, no matter how simple or complex, requires detailed planning and organization. From establishing an accurate budget to promoting the event, we had several components to consider early on to make the process as stress-free as possible.


While no two events are the same, and every event and level has varying goals and audiences. We took several steps to jump-start the planning process and tracked the fest to maximize the event’s success. Finally, with the proper plans and objectives in place, we created a preliminary scope of the event.


Building out the goals enables us to frame the event gigantic and understand buy-in from leadership. Onedot has already on board with the event and plans to help move into the following planning stages.


Wrapping Up


Hosting a successful event in an organization is a challenging task to complete. It takes immense hard work and coordination to taste the event’s success.


With a team in place, everything is ready to create an event plan. It shows the detailed breakdown of every action of our employees to identify their capabilities, talents, and many other matters.


Note: You should be able to justify every action by summarising it to your top-level goals.


Special Thanks/Mentions


Hari Kumaran Ramalingam – CTO, Onedot


Ganesh Kumar – CEO, Onedot


Pravin Somasundaram – COO, Onedot


Parthiban – Creative Head, Onedot


Sornakumar – Facebook and SMM specialist, Onedot


Vigneshwaran – Digital marketing strategist, Onedot


Hariharan – Digital Marketing Specialist, Onedot


Siva – Admin, Onedot


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