What is a Digital Marketing Audit & Why Do I Need One?

What is a Digital Marketing Audit & Why Do I Need One?



If you are looking to boost your brand online, then working on Digital Marketing is the right way.

To ensure your brand tops by doing Digital Marketing, work on the audit part. Before going deep into the topic, let us know what Digital Marketing Audit is

A digital marketing audit, what is that?

A digital marketing audit is a detailed analysis of all your digital marketing initiatives.

You may identify your digital gaps and loopholes by evaluating the effectiveness of your practices, plans, adverts, and postings.

Importance of Digital Marketing Audit

A tailored series of studies known as a “digital marketing audit” examines how a company uses digital tools, such as social media, email marketing, paid advertising, etc., to achieve strategic objectives successfully.

Industry, application, organisation size, and area of expertise, are a few factors that influence digital marketing audits.

To determine how they can best support an organisation or assist stakeholders in better use of resources to achieve goals, agencies, independent contractors, and other sector experts perform audits.

How Must A Good Digital Marketing Audit Be?


A good audit provides a narrative on problem areas and a professional qualitative review of what is working.

A quality audit will use a range of digital specialists to examine and provide insight into each area of expertise.

Importance of Digital Marketing Audit

Types of Digital Marketing Audit

  • Content Audit
  • Website Audit
  • Pay-per-click audit
  • Search engine optimisation Audit

Let us look into each type of audit one by one.

Before deepening digital marketing analysis, let us look at how one should work on Digital Marketing Audit.

Before evaluating your digital marketing efforts, ensure you clearly understand where you want to go.

What objectives do you have for your website?

Whom do your advertisements, social media posts, and blog entries hope to reach?

What kind of reaction do you want your target market to have to your digital marketing?

Some clients wish to execute our recommendations themselves after we have gathered all the data and created a strategy. At the same time, others hire or seek help from digital marketing agencies to make the suggested adjustments.

If you are among those seeking a suggestion, feel free to contact us!

Let’s examine how Onedot Media conducts digital marketing audits to grow our clients’ businesses.

Content Audit


A content audit is a process which systematically analyses, assists, discusses, and figures out the needs of the brand to compete and stand out from the top brands.

The ultimate goal is to identify your content strategies and the workflow for creating content’s strengths and weaknesses so that you may modify it to meet your present marketing objectives better.

Any business level, from microbusinesses to large multinationals, can benefit from it.

A content audit is quite a tough process compared to a website, SEO, pay-per-click, and other audits.

Website Audit


A competitive website audit keeps tabs on your rivals’ online tactics to show you what business prospects your brand might be overlooking.

In essence, a competitive audit enables you to identify what strategies are effective for rival businesses in your industry so that you can apply those strategies to your own business.

Start by conducting a SWOT analysis on a website belonging to a rival. You track the website’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a SWOT analysis. A benefit can be that their website is simple to use than yours.

Their website’s slower page load times may be one of its weaknesses. However, opportunities might include things or resources that need to be added to their website that you can add to improve.

Pay-Per-Click Audit


PPC, abbreviated as pay- per- click is also known as a modern way of digital advertising. The moment the ad is posted on the website, it begins to run, and the advertiser is charged every time the visitor clicks the ad.

For example, if the advertiser pays $6, the result of the amount he gets profited from is $60.

There are two types of Audit in pay-per-click. They are

  • Tool-based PPC audits
  • Comprehensive PPC audits

Comprehensive PPC audits are better than tool-based pay-per-click ads as they include Instagram, Facebook, retargeting, Microsoft advertising and google display.

The pay-per-click Audit helps you analyse and improve your advertisement strategy and use the amount spent on the advertising.

SEO Audit


An SEO audit is similar to a website audit, but in an SEO audit, one must analyse deep into how it works.

It’s important not to rush an SEO assessment. Finding the root of the problems affecting your online health takes time. The length of a proper audit can range from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the size of your business.

When making significant modifications to a website, we must take care of insights, and an SEO expert must undertake a complete analysis to provide precise, useful advice.

There are many crucial components of an effective SEO strategy, and you ought to follow your audit and continue SEO upkeep.

To know more about SEO audit tools, read our blog. What are the best audit tools? And get knowledgeable information regarding SEO for your business.



By analysing and optimising, one can do an audit for their digital marketing and improve their brand.

Onedot Media has successfully helped many brands run their business online through our Audit formula.

If you are looking for a digital marketing audit for your organisation or need any suggestions, visit our website or contact us for more!

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